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GRANNY BOO ~ Legacy of the Puma Man

The terrorist attacks have subsided, the sickness has passed, and the smoke from the firebombs has begun to settle, and the one lesson that everyone learns is that life must go on. In his post Apocalyptic America, Phil Whitley has given us an extraordinary look at a life that is hardscrabble and tough, filled with dangers and obstacles that make it impossible for civilization to go on as it once had. Making the best of a bad situation, survivalist Brian brings his wife Mary and daughter Alex to live in the spirit cave of their ancestors, where they must learn to live life as it was 150 years ago. They grow their own vegetables, kill their own meat, make their own medicine, and learn that the only people they can depend upon are themselves. When they are joined by their friend Maurice, they find that they cannot completely cut themselves off from the world, and that sometimes tough decisions must be made. The hardest decision of all is the one that will send them back into the very heart of the land they have been avoiding, but it is a decision they must make, and one that they will have to learn to live with.

 Out of the chaos of a world that has reverted to its basic instincts, Whitley brings us a tale of sacrifice and survival, of challenge and courage, of hardship and hope. With Granny Boo and the Puma Man as teachers, mentors, and role models, Brian and his family learn to cope with anything and everything that the new world throws at them, and learn that with love, strength, and conviction, they can survive whatever comes their way.

 You don’t want to miss this book.

 E. Don Harpe

 Harpe is a novelist, poet, and songwriter who now lives and writes from his home in Georgia. His memoir “The Last of the South Town Rinky Dinks” has become a local success story, and he is currently writing the third in the Harpe series and co-authoring a brand new adventure novel with Phil Whitley.

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